Monday, 16 October 2017

Craft Consortium, Tell The Bees, Resin Flower Tag

I had so much fun making this bright and cheery tag that I'm sharing with you today.
Yes, it's another from the Craft Consortium, 'Tell The Bees' collection...  yet this time my focus is not on the papers - it's on the stamp set itself.

Want to see?

I'm a great believer in 'mixing things up', so for me the idea was to keep the bees black and white so that the focus of the colour lies elsewhere on the tag.

Here's a visual breakdown so you can see just how simply this tag can be made...


Craft Consortium supplies used:

Tell The Bees

Santoro - Kori Kumi


Other supplies used:

Versafine - Black
Brilliance Lightening Black
Holtz Distress - Twisted Citron
Holtz Distress - Walnut Stain
Stazon - Timber Brown

Mulberry Paper 
Acetate - scrap from craft packaging


Before even starting to decorate this tag, I made sure that the base of it was thick and durable by gluing a few layers together - but that's a personal preference thing, I guess.  I just know from experience that I prefer my tags to feel 'sturdy'.

Then I focused on the bees... 
In addition to layering them up from the back (stamp image, cut it out, turn it upside down, draw around it, cut it out and glue into position behind the stamped image) three or four times, I've also stamped and cut out additional parts to add extra dimension to the front.

See that top itty bitty bee?  That has an extra 'body' part.
The middle bee?  Cut an additional head and wings - just taking out that slight sliver of body in the middle.
...  And the bottom bee?  Extra 'wings'.

Threading two leaf ribbons through the tag at the top, then weaving them gently together before tying into place with a piece of brown raffia cord was all that was needed to complete this fun looking tag.

I do hope you're enjoying my ideas on how to use this set.
It really is so versatile.

Thanks once again for taking the time to stop by...

Donna. x

Saturday, 14 October 2017

Craft Consortium, Tell The Bees, Flowers, Lace + Twine

My card for today shares another idea on how to use Craft Consortium's 'Tell The Bees' Collection - which includes a beautiful, muted palette of papers that can be dressed up or down with ease.

As you can see, I've opted for a card with a bright pop of colour, plenty of texture, flowers...  and of course those bees!

Want to see the back of it?

It's not as complicated as it looks...  honestly it isn't!
Let me explain...

Take the front cover off the paper pad - removing the topper section for use another day - and cut the front cover into four equal pieces.
(I used the top left section, trimming it to size to fit a standard 5" square card).

Then I tore off a section before getting out my circle dies.

I used one circle to cut away the logo, one to cut a tiny hole near the bottom...   and the third circle (the biggest of the three) was used to cut some circles from the gorgeous patterned paper.
I chose to layer up four of these circles to create a panel with some extra strength - gluing two from the front and two from the back of the front cover to create a sandwich - but don't do this part yet as you need to decorate it first!
(I wrapped around some lace, then added flowers, leaves, more twine and a sequin to mine).

The 'twine circle' at the top was made using one strand of twine (cut to length and simply untwist).
I used high tack double sided tape to hold the ends of the strands in place, and then simply layered them across each other.

Then glue some bees into place.
(I always layer up my bees by turning the 'cut out' upside down and then drawing around it onto scrap card.  Cut out three or four per bee to add visual interest...

...  and add some extra flowers, sequins and a piece of lace ribbon...

...  a scrap of 'Tell The Bees' paper to go underneath the tiny hole...

...  plenty of foam pads...

...  and mount everything into place on a card that already has a piece of the patterned paper glued on to it.
(I favour 'tatty/distressed' edges - as you can see)!

All done.


Craft Consortium supplies used:

Tell The Bees
Premium Paper Pad
Linen Cotton Ribbons

Santoro - Kori Kumi
Raffia Cord Set
Floral Die Collection

Always & Forever
Resin Flowers - Ivory
Elegant Lace Ribbon - Heart Chain
Adhesive Pearls - 5mm


As always, thank you so much for stopping by today...
I hope I've given you some useful ideas on how to use your 'Tell The Bees' Collection for yourself.

'Bye for now...

Donna. x

Friday, 13 October 2017

"I'm Hungry" Squirrel + Pumpkin, Tag, Female

It's 'Tag You're It' Friday time again folks!

You know how it works...
We have a Featured Artist who provides us with his or her own tag for inspiration...  and then we get to play.

...  And as long as you can explain how you were inspired you can let your imagination run wild at this point...

I sure did!

But I have to confess...   What I've ended up with this time is just so darn cute to me that I'm refusing to part company with it.

It's mine... 
 ...  and I'm not sharing it or giving it away to anybody...

(...  and yes, I am fully aware of just how SAD that makes me sound).

Want to see what makes me so happy every time I look at it?

It's not perfect...  but it's not supposed to be.
That's the absolute beauty of these Penny Black Brushstroke Stamps - they are made to be 'imperfectly perfect'...  
And I just love the way it looks like this squirrel is busy eating!

So what inspired me?

This perfectly perfect little Autumn tag - that just so happens to also be made using an image from Penny Black!

I was struck by how beautifully this had been coloured in and initially my thoughts went to making something Autumn/leaf related that would also use these colours...  but then I got to thinking about other things that speak of Autumn.   Before I knew it I'd settled on my (bought but unused for about a year) Penny Black 'Pumpkin Patch' stamp...  and the Clearly Besotted squirrel and 'I'm Hungry' sentiment just became a natural progression.

(Of course, this could be based in part on the fact that a squirrel is venturing into our garden once again.  I adore squirrels and their scampering antics - they are so utterly charming to watch).

What about you?
Are you a lover or a loather of squirrels?

Of course, it's more than obvious that I've gone for 'selective colouring' this time 'round.  
You may well think I've gone 'nuts'...  (seriously no pun intended - but hey...  if it works, it works)!
Squirrels...  nuts...  oh, never mind!

...  it's just that I wanted the focus of the colour to be on the pumpkin and nothing else.
It makes for a very 'clean' looking tag this way.

Here's a quick rundown of the supplies used:


Penny Black 'Pumpkin Patch'
Clearly Besotted 'Great Job'
Clearly Besotted 'Nom Nom'

Tsukineko/Memento Markers:
Toffee Crunch
New Sprout
Rich Cocoa
Pear Tart
Bamboo Leaves
Olive Grove
Expresso Truffle

Stamp Positioner Tool
Embossing Powder - Clear Gloss
Distress Paint - Picket Fence
Ribbon - Brown
Twine - Brown
Thread - Brown
PVA glue
Paper Distressing Tool


Yes...  you really did read the word 'needle'!
I stitched the ribbon together before tying the twine around it...  then applied a small amount of PVA glue directly onto the twine's knot to keep it secure.

Of course, I think I'm going to have to seal my tag with some spray varnish before I accidentally mark it somehow.
I'm thinking just plain spray varnish rather than my subtle glitter finish varnish...
What do you think?

If you have the time, why not take a look at my team mates tags for this challenge?
You just never know how you might be inspired!

Enjoy your weekend...

Donna. x 

Sunday, 8 October 2017

Craft Consortium, Winter Woodland, Hedgehog + Polaroid Frame Card

Do you want to see a sneak peek of the new Winter Woodland Collection in action?
If you do, you've come to the right place...

I did say it was only a sneak peek!

The full reveal is tomorrow (9th October, 2017) so keep your eyes peeled and be prepared to fall in love with this stunningly beautiful new addition to Craft Consortium's Hackney & Co range...  

As this card was relatively easy to put together (once all the 'bits and pieces' were cut out, etc) only two extra photo's have been taken.

One to show the base layer of the card...
(Two patterned papers from the new Premium Paper Pad Collection - plus the tartan decoupage paper)...

...  and the other to show how the Polaroid frame section was made.
(This is the back of the Santoro Wooden Frame, coated with a few layers of Pearl Glue for texture.  The charm has been threaded on using twine that has been twisted apart before being thread through and secured from the back).

Once dry/done, simply glue the two together.

Please note that the shine on the acorn cups, pine cone and tiny flower at the bottom comes from adding a layer of Glossy Accents.


Craft Consortium supplies used:

Winter Woodland:

Decoupage Papers:

Santoro - Kori Kumi:


If you have access to the Create and Craft TV channel try watching at 2pm or 9pm (UK time) where you get a whole in depth hour per show to see even more of this new collection in action...  

Available to buy online from the 9th October, 2017

Thanks so much for stopping by today...

Donna. x

Friday, 6 October 2017

Craft Consortium, Tell The Bees, Quick Card Make Using Ribbon Trims

I'm conscious that not everybody has a whole heap of time to spend on making a card, so today's post shares a quick and simple idea that should be easy to put together.

Guess I should show you the card first!

... In fact, it's so easy that I haven't included any step by step photo's today - but I do have one tip to share with you... 

See that piece of mulberry paper with those soft, fluffy edges?

That was achieved by tearing and then using a 'Pick Tool/Craft Pick/Pokey Tool' to tease around the edges.  (Seriously, just how many names does this little craft item have exactly)?

Here's a few more close up shots...

...  and a list of Craft Consortium supplies used:

Tell The Bees:

Santoro - Kori Kumi:

Just in case you want/need it, here's the 'How To' guide...


Take a piece of Kraft card and cut it slightly smaller than your card base, then score it at the centre going from top to bottom and again from left to right.

Cut a piece of red card to size (A6), emboss it using the hearts folder and then glue into place.

Cut and/or tear a piece of the Tell The Bees Paper Pad to size.  Then, using clear embossing ink followed by white embossing powder,  add three bees from the stamp set near the bottom right corner. 

Glue into place (adding a second layer behind just to reinforce the part that pokes off the edge).

Wrap around a piece of linen ribbon and secure from the back.

Then, add the flower ribbon.
(You should hopefully be able to see that I haven't completely glued this piece down - choosing instead to add some extra dimension by having it loose at one point).

Cut out a bee hive from the Paper Pad packaging, layer it up (turn it upside down, draw around it, cut and glue into place) and put into position.

Do the same with the bees.  (These were cut from one of the many gorgeous Tell The Bees Paper Pads sheets of paper).

Add the mulberry paper that's been stamped on with the honeycomb image.

Glue the whole card front into position...  

...  job done!


As I said, a quick make.  
But a quick make that still manages to squeeze in some texture and dimension.

Thanks for stopping by.

Enjoy your day...

Donna. x

Friday, 29 September 2017

Craft Consortium. Tell The Bees, Mini Shaker Gift Box

Today is my first post as part of the Craft Consortium Design Team.

Who are they?

This is what they have to say on their 'About Us' blog page...

Craft Consortium is an Award winning, family run, Crafts Manufacturer & Wholesaler; We pride ourselves on delivering innovative, design led product offerings for the Creative Arts, Crafts & Hobbies Industry.

Since our worldwide market launch in 2015, Craft Consortium has quickly established itself as The premium crafting Brand in papercrafts and home d├ęcor, with the Craft Business Awards accolade: Winner of ‘Most Innovation Collection 2017’ for our Santoro -Kori Kumi papercraft collection, and nomination for the award ‘Best Papercraft Manufacturer 2017’.

And I get to play with their products and let my imagination run wild.
Little old me!
It's an absolute privilege...  and I'm already having a blast.
But seriously, who wouldn't?
These truly are beautiful product ranges...


So today's offering is a little shaker bee box...

And yes, it's a little bit of work to put together., but if you've already got a gift box die to hand or a plain box in need of decoration it's really not too much work at all.

Let me show you...


Once that was made, it was simply a case of cutting some of the Tell The Bees Premium Paper Pad front and back cover to size.  
(You see, as well as having some gorgeous and 'oh so handy' extra topper elements, these pads also have a pretty design printed on the inside of the covers that is just begging to be used.
And as I hate seeing anything with craft potential go to waste and I love using product packaging this seemed like the perfect option).

Add a die cut circle to what will be the top of the front of your box, glue on an acetate layer to the back (again - mine's cut from scrap packaging) and then build up a frame along the inside edge.  
I chose to use layered up die cut frames (which I cut to size before gluing together), but foam tape can work equally well.

As for the rest of the front of the box?
If you look at the photo you'll notice that I've inked onto a piece of scrap vellum using Stazon Timber Brown along with the honeycomb stamp from the Tell The Bees - Clear Stamp Set
I glued this into place - just along the edges so the glue can't be seen - and I also glued down those four Tell The Bees - Sequins that you can see.

Why would I do that?

Because as much as I love shaker cards, tags, etc.  I hate the fact that all the sequins end up hidden in the corners.  Gluing a few into place means that no matter what, they at least will always be seen...  and that makes me happy!

You should hopefully be able to see in this photo that I've distressed all the edges - top and sides - and then added some Walnut Stain Distress Ink.  
Once dry, I've wrapped Always And Forever - Elegant Lace Ribbon - Heart Chain  around the side pieces...  and then I've glued them into place on the box.

As for the top of the box?

Carefully add those loose sequins onto the top of the vellum - keeping well away from the edges.
Pick up your top piece that has the acetate on and glue around the inside edges before very carefully putting into position over the top of the sequins.

Do not pick up the box until completely dry!  Not unless you want your sequins stuck in the corners and all along the edges!
(I placed my die cut plates carefully onto the top to help everything get a firm, tight seal).

And there you have it...  the basis of your box.

Now how you choose to decorate it from here is entirely up to you.


I cut out bees from the inside front cover and bees from one of the sheets of the paper pad.  
Then, using scrap card I drew around the outlines, cut out and glued and layered them all up.  

I also added some of these...


So there you have it.
One little shaker bee box.

There's also 15% off selected Kori Kumi lines...  while stocks last!
So be quick and go take a look.
(Shop link at bottom of page/sidebar).

Wishing you a happy day wherever you may be...

Donna. x

Monday, 25 September 2017

Christmas - Mini Gift Bag & Tag Set, Poppystamps Holly Twig, Female

Do you ever look through the gallery when you add your submission to a craft challenge?
I do...  and it never fails to amaze me how so many people can all come up with different ideas for the same theme.

So with that in mind, I wonder if you can correctly guess the challenge theme just by looking at my photo's...

'Christmas' or 'Use Holly' would be my guesses I think...  or perhaps 'Make A Christmas Project That Isn't A Card'...  or 'Use Ribbon' even...

But did anyone get it right, I wonder?


It's not obvious at first glance is it?
But actually I think I've got quite a few dots on my project...  it's just that a fair few of them are 'oh so subtle' that they are easy to ignore.

Unlike my 'Enamel Dots' for the berries or that Polka Dot Ribbon!

As this was fairly straightforward to make I haven't included many photo's today, but here's a quick 'how to' guide showing some of the steps...


Using Iced Spruce and Hickory Smoke Distress Inks, decorate the front, back and side panels of a MFT Die-namics bag using the Memory Box 'Tiny Dots' stencil.

 Then add some lines front and back (using a scoreboard) before adding punch holes and a circle cut out.
(MFT Die-namics Stitched Circle STAX).

Cut out a piece of scrap acetate to size (big enough to cover over the circle yet small enough to comfortably fit inside the box.  Add Red Liner Tape 'round all the edges and attach to a piece of scrap plastic food netting.  (Mine's from Babybel Mini Cheese).
Glue this into place on the inside of the front panel and leave to dry thoroughly before assembling the bag.

To cover over the glue tabs showing on the inside back panel of the bag, cut out an additional front section only of the bag die from Matt Silver card stock and trim it down left, right, and bottom very slightly.   Don't forget to add the punch holes - not pictured!
And glue into place.

Using Peeled Paint, Forest Moss, Gathered Twigs and Walnut Stain Distress Inks, add colour to the Poppystamps Holly Twig.  I layered mine up three times for durability before adding
my Glitter Red Enamel Dots.

Once dry, glue into place on the front of the bag...
and add the Polka Dot Ribbon.

(As you can see, I went on to make a tiny complimentary gift tag using the same basic idea - minus the netting but still including the acetate.  This gift tag is also made by Poppystamps - 1845 'Heart Taglet').


Other Challenges I'm Entering...

NBUS Challenge #12
(First time using the Bag and the Holly Twig die).

Simon Says/Monday
Shimmer and Shine

So there you have it.

One tiny Christmas gift bag set.

Hope you like it.

Donna. x

Friday, 15 September 2017

Christmas Tag, Noel, Male/Female

Tag You're It is back!!!

And what better way for me to say hello to you all on behalf of my very lovely team mates than to remind you that (like it or not) Christmas is coming...

Did I hear groans or 'whoops' coming from you, I wonder?

I have a very glittery tag to show you today...

...  and it's based this week on inspiration from the very lovely Tracey McNeely.

Now isn't that inky loveliness if ever there was any?

You may be wondering just how on earth my design came from this, but in reality that's an easy one to answer...

You see, Tracey's choice of stamp reminded me of a snowflake as soon as I saw it - and I had the perfect intricate die in mind.
So I turned things on their heads a little by pairing it with a tag that's not a tag, made the main focus  white by hiding similar colours to Tracey's tag underneath my main design and I made a feature of the sentiment, too.
Yet for all of that I've still got an equal amount of lovely 'white' space - even with two sequins that may have worked their way in somehow!

So how did I make my tag?

Let me tell you the supplies I used first...


Supplies Used:

Penny Black - 'A Pocket Full'
Memory Box - 'Dazzling Snowflake'
Sizzix/Holtz Thinlits - 'Vintage Tidings'

Holtz/Distress Inks:
Hickory Smoke
Seedless Preserves
Dusty Concord

Glitter Card - Black
Crafter's Companion/Spray & Sparkle Glitter Varnish - Silver


Take two scraps of card that are big enough to cut the notepaper die from and run them separately through your die cutting machine.

On one, ink up randomly and quite lightly with Hickory Smoke.
Add some water droplets (I just use wet hands and shake or clap them over the top), dab up the water with a paper towel and leave to dry.  Add more ink if desired and more water droplets until happy with the overall effect.
Then, once dry, place the snowflake die so that it's centre is fairly close to the edge and it's top is peeking out a little over the top edge of the tag.  Tape into place with slightly tacky tape (to prevent paper tearing on removal) and run through your die cut machine.
Then spray with Silver Glitter Varnish.

On the other, add random blobs of Seedless Preserves and Dusty Concord.

Glue the two tag shapes together.
(You will notice that I took the decision to turn one of my tag shapes back to front before applying ink so that the two don't quite marry up at the top.  It's a personal preference thing as I wanted a slightly more distressed look.  I also removed a small section at the top to let the colour underneath show through a little more).

Cut out the sentiment die three times and glue them all together.
Then once dry, glue into place...

Add a hole in the corner for the cord...

And add two sequins.

So there you have it.
A tag that isn't a tag...  that is a tag.

And why not?


I hope you have the time to come and join us.
We've gone back to our old format - so don't forget to check in on the main challenge page to see the closing date!

'Bye for now...

Donna. x

Wednesday, 23 August 2017

Hope Card, Poppystamps Scribble Flower Circle, Female

This is a simple offering of a 'very difficult to take a decent photo of' type of card...  but I'm not apologising as I love the effect!

But be honest...  can you tell that this is a card made entirely out of discarded bits and pieces from old projects?   I decided it was time to 'tackle that mountain' and put at least some of them to use!


I've added two close up shots...


And my first go at a photo breakdown of how this card was made...

Spraying this Crafter's Companion 'Spray and Sparkle'- Iridescent' gives a lovely mottled effect.  And if it's a 'less than pristine' piece of card it helps disguise those tiny scratches and fingermarks.  
That's a win in my book!

Here's a photo breakdown of the supplies I used. 
That scrap of wood effect card was embossed  (Crafter's Companion - Woodgrain Embossing Folder), then treated to a gilding wax polish before layering on that scrap of leftover spotty, dotty paper.  
The piece in the middle?  Left over from my Deer Frame project.  But I knew which inks I had used so they are included in this photo.
Plus a tiny scrap of spottiness in the corner - just because I can!
I did smoosh on some green inks to help give a more distressed look - and yes, I did succumb to using my distress tool just a little bit on that wood effect piece of card as well as the tiny piece in the corner.

Next I added the word HOPE from these two 'My Favourite Things' dies (Die-namics 'Happy Greetings' set.
Each letter was layered up four times for lots of dimension.

Then add one very lovely 'Poppystamps - Scribble Flower Circle'.
Notice how I haven't removed all of those tiny bits and pieces that you're supposed to poke out?
My circle die cut is from the 'Altenew - Woodgrain Bark' set of papers that they sell.  Mine were a blog win prize that I only had to pay the p&p for - which made them an affordable option.  But if I didn't have these papers and wanted to replicate this card any woodgrain embossing folder would do.
Then I simply added two tiny sequins...

The final step was the addition of these two butterflies.
The tiny one's cut from white card (Memory Box - Peaceful Butterfly Wings) and the larger has been cut from vellum using the 'Memory Box - Blissful Butterfly Border' die.
The only glue holding the vellum butterfly in place is a small smidge directly underneath that brown flower from the Poppystamps die.  Doing it this way gives just a tiny hint of added dimension as well as being a way to hide the glue on the vellum from view.

So what do you think?

Do you prefer my photo style explanation over the write up?

If you have the time, I would love to know.

This card doesn't actually use any Poppystamps border dies (and yes, I do have a lovely set of them), but I still think it fits the theme of this months challenge.
Homemade, scrappy borders can be just as effective if you pair them up with a beautiful die.

Well, that's what I think anyway!


Challenges I'm Entering...

PSC #35

Only Cards Challenge

Challenge #79  -  Anything Goes using Dies

#317  -  Wood Is Good


Thanks for stopping by today...

Donna. x

Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Wrapped Star Christmas Box, Kraft + Textured, Female

Just a quick post today as, splints or not, I need to start catching up with you all on your Social Media platforms.

It's a 'Tattered Lace' box - decorated with one of the newest dies from the latest Poppystamps collection.  
I've used the 'Wrapped Star' here...  along with some 'Holiday Holly' from last year's release...  and I've also snuck in the Memory Box 'Snowdrift Breeze' on the silver panel.

This was an experiment to see if 'bling' could be achieved in a more 'au naturel' design.
Not my taste as I prefer things simpler...  but I've learned along the way that just because I don't like it doesn't mean that somebody, somewhere else won't.  
So I'll put it on my craft stall and see what happens.
We are all uniquely different, after all!!!

Here's a quick 'how to' recipe for how this was made - starting with the bottom layer...

Corrugated base with texture paste in corners.
Two rows of glitter ribbon added with red liner tape.
Some offset brown scraps of card that just peer off the edges a little.
An embossed, (Sheena Douglas 'Festive') matt silver square, with added detail from the Memory Box 'Snowdrift Breeze'.
Green, spotty Hemp ribbon - attached with Hot Glue.
Jute string in a random swirl.
Three of the 'Wrapped Stars' (cut from the same brown card as before) - not glued together identically so no matching inside lines!  These were sprayed with Silver Glitter spray, then had silver cord wrapped around the middle once dry...  
Add the bell to the star with string before gluing into place, then add water coloured (and varnished) leaves and a little jute bow.

This was made to play along with the latest Poppystamps Challenge...

PSC #34

...  and as it also 'fits the bill' I'm entering it into this challenge, too!

Simon Says/Monday
You've Got The Edge

It's a wet and soggy day here today.  On the plus side...  at least the plants won't need watering!

Bye for now...

Donna. x

Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Enchanted Deer + Pinecone Collage Picture Frame, Christmas, Male/Female

I've used my all time favourite die from last year's (2016) Memory Box September release and paired it with one of this years Holiday release dies to create something just a little bit different...   a 'Picture Frame' - complete with attached easel.

Here's a few photo's so you get an idea of the depth created just by layering up a few die cuts between thin frames...

I did consider making this as a Diorama card, but opted for durability over any other consideration in the end.  Plus what's the point in buying an Easel die if I'm not going to get lots of use out of it? 
 Have stash.  Use stash.  
Doesn't that give us "Crafter's" some Brownie Points somewhere along the way?!!


You want to know how it was made?

I'll mix things up a bit from my usual format and give you the list of supplies used first.

Supplies Used:

Memory Box 'Enchanted Deer' Collage
Memory Box 'Pinecone Collage'
Mama Elephant 'Peek A Frame' Creative Cuts
Sizzix/Bigz 'Small Easel'

Holtz/Distress Ink:
Ground Expresso
Walnut Stain
Hickory Smoke
Pumice Stone

Embossing Folders:
Darice 'Tattered Page'
Sizzix/Texture Fades 'Birch Trees'

Recycled acetate (from craft packaging)
Pebeo Gilding Wax - Silver
Crafter's Companion 'Spray and Sparkle' - Pearl Diamond

First of all, I inked up two pieces of card stock with the brown shades of ink.  (I already had a 'mock' cut out of the Enchanted Deer Collage die so used that to help gauge where I wanted more/less ink to go).

Once happy with them, cut just the one Enchanted Deer to size - not both.  These die 'cut outs' need to match up exactly so get the one sorted (using your embossing folder for dimensions) before getting the other one to size.

Leave to one side, and using the Pinecone Collage die with another piece of card, cut out either a random pattern that you like or one like mine where there are no 'free floating' branches to be seen.

Then ink up yet another piece of card using the grey shades of ink.

With me so far..?

Now leave all of that to one side for a minute and make the frames that will be used to sandwich the layers together. 
 I used the biggest two dies from the Mama Elephant 'Peek A Frame' set to make two frames - and I doubled up the layers (which means cut out four - not two).  The main thing here is that the frames made are the same size as the Enchanted Deer 'cut outs' - and that they aren't too thick.  Even with mine I had to trim off a tiny piece that was peeking through into the 'picture'.

Whilst the glue on the frames dries, emboss one of the Enchanted Deer die cuts using the 'Tattered Page' Embossing Folder and emboss the Pinecone Collage 'cut out' piece using the 'Birch Trees' Embossing Folder. 

If everything hasn't been cut to the same size, do that now.

Then cut out a piece of card thick enough to be your base.  My easel has also been cut out from the same cardboard so the colours match.  (The thicker, the better.  I used some recycled 'grey board' used as packaging that came with some of my craft goodies.  Wish I knew how to get hold of this stuff commercially as my store of it is limited).

Now it's sandwich making time...

Glue the grey inked piece to the card base.

Then glue on one of the frames.

Now add the Pinecone Collage Cut out, gluing that just to the frame - nowhere else.

Now comes a tricky part...

Hold your two Enchanted Deer Collage 'cut outs' together - both facing the right way up and the embossed one on the top. Turn both upside down whilst still being held as one piece so that glue is on the underside of the bottom layer only.  Now turn both back the right way up - whilst still holding them together.  
(The trick here is to hold on to this die cut 'sandwich' in such a way that the two 'die cuts' look as one.  Once you've got that sorted, match up the edges of the 'sandwich' with the parts already glued into place).  
Press firmly 'round the edges and then put that top, unglued die cut to one side for a minute.

Add that second frame and glue into place - being sure that you won't be able to see any of it once that final 'die cut' is on the top.

Now I made a choice at this stage to add my acetate to the back of the Enchanted Deer Collage 'die cut' before spraying on the glitter.  It gives the grey of the pinecones a softer look - not that dissimilar to when you add vellum over bright, bold colours to tone them down.
So either do as I did and add the acetate before spraying or spray now, leave to dry and then add that acetate layer. 
 But either way, add a smidge of gilding wax along the edges first - where the 'Tattered Pages' are showing.  It just adds that 'someting extra'...

Once it's all been sandwiched together I suggest you put it under some weight for a while - and add the easel into place on the back at some point after it's all had plenty of time to dry.

Then, once completely dry, add some very thin Kraft card slivers to the sides of this frame to cover over the sandwiched layered edges and make it more 'frame like' in appearance.  


...  and the perfect thing to add to my craft stall for Christmas...

This was made to play along with the latest Memory Box Challenge.

Challenge #26

I play here often as I love their dies!

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