Wednesday, 14 February 2018

Craft Consortium MDF Letter Rack

I absolutely adore the Daisy Decoupage Paper Set that Craft Consortium has...  but that didn't stop me from wanting to grunge it up for this MDF letter rack that I have to show you today.

Let me show you just what I mean by 'grunged up'...

Of course me being me, I went ahead and decorated some wooden pegs to go with it.
Did you notice them?

And I'm just loving the effect of using those metal charm acorns to bring in some much needed depth to those flower centres...
Who would have thought they would look so good?


Craft Consortium supplies used:


Decoupage Papers

Santoro - Kori Kumi

Always & Forever

Winter Woodland


If you have any questions about how this was made, feel free to email me.

Enjoy your day...

Donna. x

Friday, 9 February 2018

Craft Consortium Pencil/Storage Pot

For those of you who 'do' Valentine's Day...  the day is fast approaching!

Are you the romantic hearts and flowers type or not, I wonder?

Well, for those of us that aren't I've come up with an alternative solution.  
And it doesn't take too long to make or require too many Craft Consortium materials.  
And some of them are still for sale...  so just maybe this'll tempt you enough to go take a look before all the bargains are gone.
(I'll include some links near the end of this post).

I know it's 'only' a pencil pot...  but what do you think?

Of course, it doesn't have to be just for pencils now, does it?
I know for a fact that I've got plenty of craft tools that would be very at home in this little pot of mine!

Who would have thought that this started off as an 'off cut' from a cardboard flue - left lying on the garage floor after my boiler had to be replaced?


Craft Consortium supplies used:

Decoupage Paper

Always & Forever

Santoro - Kori Kumi
(Out of Stock, but any small heart embossing folder should work equally well.  Use Mirri card, then gently sand on diagonals to get this kind of effect).

(I simply painted over one of these with a few layers of white acrylic paint).


Wherever you are, wishing you a happy and safe weekend...

Donna. x

Tuesday, 30 January 2018

Craft Consortium MDF Collection Box

There's nothing quite like a challenge that takes you way, way, way out of your comfort zone...  isn't that how the saying goes?

Well for me, even the thought of decoupaging on MDF had me having several internal mini meltdowns.  The idea absolutely petrified me as I had no clue what to do or how to approach it - and absolutely everything I read or saw online didn't help either.

Now that's not to say that here aren't good tutorials out there...  but could I find them?

So I turned to a fellow DT member on this craft team and confessed my trepidations - knowing full well that she'd done several MDF projects already that I was aware of and perhaps many more.
She gave me the confidence to go for it, so before I show you my finished design I just want to say...



Now, there are some rules to decoupaging, such as 'take advantage of straight lines on your sheets of paper'. 
So what does a girl do when she needs more straight lines than are actually available?  She uses her trusty guillotine of course!

I didn't want this project to look too busy before I even got to the fun part of decorating it internally...  so my project has a whole mix of different designs of paper.

Let me show you...

I started out by assembling the whole of the MDF Collection Box, then painted the whole thing bright yellow.

Then I chose three papers I knew would work well together but still have enough contrast between them.

Notice how I've cut the butterflies out of decoupage covered cardboard?

I stippled white acrylic paint quite heavily over the internal sections where I knew I wanted the butterflies to go - as well as for the sides and top/bottom of each cubby hole section, so it's only the back panels that have decoupage paper in them.

I then quite literally took a thin paintbrush, dipped it into the white acrylic paint and then brushed around those inside edges - creating what I hope looks like a 'shabby chic' project in some way, shape or form.

The sides of the box had a slightly different treatment...  selective torn decoupage sheets, less white paint stippling and more of those decoupage covered cardboard butterflies, whereas the back had a whole piece of sheet added with torn out sections glued on top.

Don't forget that you'll need a sanding block of some kind to neaten off those edges!
And please feel free to get in touch if I haven't covered anything you want to know.

Once the 'bones' of the case are decorated you can finish it in any way you please - but first, you may want to consider a layer or two of varnish...  or some other finishing product.  
I used a few coats of clear spray varnish for this project - just to seal everything prior to decorating, then chose to combine a nature theme with a need to store away some of my many smaller craft pieces...  and I used plenty of hot glue to get those lavender branches to stay put!

...  And you know what?
I'm not afraid of MDF projects any more!  

Craft Consortium supplies used:


Decoupage Paper

Always & Forever
Santoro empty flock containers decorated with:
(On lids - remove Santoro stickers first).

Adhesive Pearls - 3mm   (In jar).  
Adhesive Rhinestone Gems - 4mm  (In container). 
Vintage Silver Heart Charms ('Amore' - front and back showing).
Adhesive Pearl Heart Chain (On container & back of cubby hole section). 
Vintage Sentiment Charms (Live, Laugh, Love).

Resin Flowers:

Diamante Buckles:

Pearl And Diamante:

Kori Kumi:
Flocking Powder Set (Empty containers).

Tell The Bees

Enjoy your day...

Donna. x